Sunday, 16 December 2012

My elegant wife, Borough Market

Shamefully, I had never visited Borough Market in my adult life in spite of being a (not quite born but raised) Londoner. On Saturday my wife and I were finally able to cross this off our list. 
As always, my wife was looking as stylish and elegant as ever and I couldn't resist taking yet another photo of her.
Borough Market bustled with artisanal food aficionados and curious tourists. We did a full lap around the market to get our bearings before deciding to purchase some delicious feta cheese and fig relish from Neal's Yard Dairy; we then embarked on our usual Saturday morning routine of finding the best sweet treat available (a fist size mince pie on this occasion, also from Neal's Yard Dairy - nice but not amazing) and some decent caffein pick-me-ups from Monmouth Coffee
As nice as Borough Market is, Maltby Street Market, located a stone's throw away, definitely has the edge, simply in terms of it having a similar high quality level of street food available, coupled with it's off-the-beaten-track location and the fact that swathes of tourists haven't yet descended upon it.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

My elegant wife, Maltby Street Market

As my wife and I ventured to Maltby Street Market this morning in the biting cold she passed a vivid turquoise wall against which, in her blue greatcoat, she looked too good not to snap. Check out her blog, A Bite of Peach.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

In the moments after our guests had left I lay on the sofa and took a series of photos of the things around me, including a vase which holds some supermarket-bought roses. I had removed the leaves from each rose and placed a single white rose amongst the prevailing oranges and pinks. I like the effect and was inspired in a quiet way by "fleuriste romantique", Thierry Boutemy.
In the latest issue of The Plant Journal Clarisse Demory offers an interesting interview with Boutemy whose tactile and intuitive approach to flower arrangement elevates the craft to a level of art. He has worked for a long list of artists and filmmakers, including Matthew Barney and Sofia Coppola (Marie Antoinette).
Demory notes that during the interview she sees a Cy Twombly art book in Boutemy's studio which is intriguing as Boutmey's floral art would seem to embody the same "solemnity" and "lightness in form" that Boutemy speaks of when describing his love of Twombly's abstract canvas paintings.